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Maddy Madison bandanas are designed to spark conversations and raise awareness on topical issues such as mental health and gender equality. 

5% of profits are donated to a charity surrounding the theme of the bandana.


southall black sisters

5% of the hand-dyed silk collection will be donated to Southall Black Sisters. An organisation that primarily supports black and other ethnic minority women who are victims of domestic violence.

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Pussy Paisley

Pussy Paisley is a motif throughout the Maddy Madison Bandanas and was designed as a silent protest for a symbol of female empowerment and gender equality. The Pussy Paisley is a circumvention of the traditional paisley pattern, and I encourage not only women but those from all walks of life to use the everyday fashion accessory to make a statement. I want to break down masculine overtones associated with bandanas in history by using feminine ideas of sexuality. The bandana is traditionally worn in manual labour and first became popular during the American Revolution. Since then, the accessory has been used in numerous political campaigns as a form of advertising by printing on slogans. The Pussy Paisley print acts as a political commentary on menstruation, intimacy and the support for female empowerment in a world consistently suffering in a fight for equality.


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Sex Worker Rights




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